My Palace tour (or just a normal room...)

dimanche 20 décembre 2015

Hi guys! 

Today I thought it would be great to share with you the place where I am in the most often: my bedroom. Just the name "bedroom" sounds attractive, however, unfortunately, it's often a "you need to do your bloody homework room".  I recently added picture on the wall near my bookshelf and I love it. I'm gonna try to get fairly lights to put around them. 
I hope you like the post, and I'll see you guys later! 

So that's my favorite part after my bed. I have a full bookshelf which is soon gonna fall if I don't stop buying books. Underneath the shelf I have 3 storages. On the first I have my makeup, the second and third are just things mum didn't know where to put (thanks mum). Then I have my tripod on the side and lots of pictures from my favorite bands, films, series, friends etc (I definitely need to swap and add some). I also have magazines storages which broke because they were too full (please Vogue, make your magazines a little bit thinner). If you're wondering, the magazines storage come from WH Smith.
I have a hook on the door which is really handy, I just put my coat from Zara and my Rowaian Leather bag on there. 

I, then have fairy lights around my window which unfortunately are not there anymore for a couple of weeks because the christmas tree in the living room was too "fluffy" for a single fairy light. You can also see my favorite candle on my desk which is Christmas Cookie by Yankee Candle.

Here is the other side of my room. So my bed has a wintery sheet from John Lewis, a tone of big teddy bears in the corner and my computer because I forgot to move it for the photo. On the storage near my bed I have beauty products and couple of jewelry on the first one, I have all my scarves, hats and gloves on the second one. And on the third, there are some more books which i couldn't fit in the other one anymore. On top of that, it changes all the time but at the moment i have my little christmas tree from Homebase, my Bose speaker, a water jar, a frame, a perfume, a portrait kind of thing which I nicely and completely hid with my stupid winter hat. 

Here is my desk with a really cool lamp from whatever place it was from (sorry), a frame of a naked lady for whatever reason again, a dry shampoo life savior, matches, two candles for yankee candles (christmas cookie and soft blanket), an earring tree, a vogue magazine and a diy frame with melted crayons.

 Here is the overview of the entire left wall where I can add my wardrobe to the list of things there are there. My tennis rackets are hidden between (shhhh). On the other side of my wardrobe is called the "I don't know where to put it" wall. There is a keyboard with keyboard foots, a sawing machine, my camera, my gym bag and a paint my dad did years ago which no one can fit in their room because he used to paint too much (thanks dad). 

Doriane xxx
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