Dear Santa, i'm not very demanding this year!

lundi 14 décembre 2015

Hey guys!

Well I don't even know how I could possibly excuse myself for stopping writing here for over 6 months. So I guess I'll just jump right in to the subject of the post but just before that, I wanted to say that I'm gonna try writing here again a little.

Today I thought it would be great to do a christmas themed post, and because I love watching and reading what people wish for christmas I thought I would do my own christmas Wishlist. Now before starting, I wanted to say: yes I know christmas isn't about presents, but I think this kind of post can help people when figuring out what to get their friends or family for christmas and give a few ideas.  And also, obviously I'm not asking for everything, it's just a Wishlist and a few gift ideas  not a "what i'm asking for christmas".

1- Jumper Zara (here)
2- World Scratch Map Urban Outfitters  (here)
3- Crosley Record Player (here)
3- Ultraviolence Lana Del Rey Vinyl (here)
4- Vessel Twenty One Pilots Vinyl (here)
5- American Beauty FOB Vinyl (here)
6- Drones Muse Vinyl (here)
7- The 1975 Vinyl (here)
8- Polaroids prints for my wall
9- Daniel Wellington watch (here)
10- A decorated jar so I can put my 2016 memories in there
11- Audrey Hepburn calendar (here)
12- Wool to knit new scarf (here)

Doriane xxx
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