We are all worriers...

vendredi 12 juin 2015

Dear readers,

I stopped worrying, and walked on rocks, surrounded by a fire, bare feet... I burnt my feet... Of course, I worried. This is a joke by the way guys, I didn't walk on fire and burnt my feet... 

Today I want to talk about worries. Or "anxiety", which is the kind of "posh" way to say worry, just in case you wondering. lol let's just carrrrryyy on and tell you about one of the biggest worry I had. I moved school, moved country, changed language, changed friends... And THIS guys, is what I call worry. It might be a small fear but it is a fear. 

You may worry about much more important things like someone's illness, someone's death, someone's life, your life, a war... All of that is called worry. Small, big, important, not very important, short, long. No matter what it is, we all worry about things in life, we all worry about how our future will look like, we all worry about talking to that guy or that girl we like but we're not sure if they like us back or not, we all worry about our family's life, our health, our friends, our day... We are ALL a bunch of worriers, and it is very hard for us, to find peace in our heart, where there is no worry about what's going on around us, where we are just there, surrounded by love and peace. THIS, guys, is what I want you all to know, to feel and to experience in your life. 

I want to share with you someone's experience, someone that I met, that i talked to, someone that changed my way of thinking about things, someone that taught soo much about God and Jesus, someone that really really worried at some point in his life. This guy went to South Africa, when he was 16, with 58 other teenagers and 1 leader. They, all, had to cross this border, but this border wasn't as usual as the boarder between France and the United Kingdom. On this border you had police mans with machine guns. They all crossed the border and waited for a man to come with his van. The man could only take 30 people, he would come back later to take the other half. So they were left there, for hours, in this really scary place. The night came and one of this scary armed policeman came to them and said "It's night now, and it's very dangerous for you. If you want you can go protect yourself in this shed, but we have to take your girls in hostage. The leader answered a simple NO. So they waited around a tree, praying for each other, protecting the girls. The policeman started to come to them, to take them as hostage. But just at the right moment, the van man, who had no idea of what was happening, arrived and took them. THIS is what you can call worry, this is a moment of life where this man could have died, or survived. 

So many students worry about what their results will be in August... They are here thinking that if they fail this exam they will not get to the university they want to go to, they will not get the job they want to have, so they probably not have this wife or husband that they dream of, so they will end up alone doing crosswords surrounded by cats, cups of teas and shortbreads. Your life do not rely on one simple thing. If you fail your exam, redo them. If you don't want, then go and look for something exciting that do not expect you to have an A* in 5 of your GCSEs. Guys, just pray. Pray and be thankful for what you have. You can be thankful for anything, you can be thankful that god created the man who had this amazing idea of cooking a Mars bar, you can be thankful for chocolate cookies, you can thankful for being loved, for being who you are, for being with god, for your family, for your country, for your health, for your friends... For anything you want! 

As Phillipians said: "Do not be anxious about anything." Which means that you should not worry about anything because God planned your life, God knows what he is doing, God loves you and gives you a life that is worth it. You may think, "why does he create wars and famine and why did he create people like Hitler??". Let me tell you one simple thing. God didn't create wars, he didn't create poverty, he didn't create darkness. Humans can decide whether to follow God, to listen to him, and to trust him with what their life looks like and will be like in the future. Humans had the choice to create wars, humans had the choice to equally share the amount of food they eat and the amount of water they drink. It is not god's fault if some people are selfish, if some people do not believe in him and do not trust him. 

God saved me from bullies, he made me stronger and better from it. And he will do that for you, all, too because he loves all of us equally and with all his heart.

Just remember, be thankful, and trust God's actions and plan. Be thankful, trust, pray, and all your fears will fly away, to leave your heart in a state of peace, calm and love.

Thank you guys for reading,

Doriane xxx
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