How to Survive Finals?

dimanche 10 mai 2015


So my dear readers, it's a bit late for this... (my exams are in 1 week... woupppssss) but i wanted to share with you my top tips to get motivation, and revise this finals.
So I don't know what I'm waiting for, you have revision to do, so let's get started right away!

1st Tip: If you have exams in less than 2 weeks, go on and delete cllllllllllllllll the distractions app from your phone. I'm talking about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and all of that. Let's admit it, this apps are evil, professional distractions and ennemies of revision. So go ahead and delete them... It's only for a couple of weeks, don't worry, you can re-upload them once your finals are done AND out of the way. 

2nd Tip: Highlighters, Flashcards, Revision sheets are your new best friends. Let's put some colours into our revision, and let's be productive. Flashcards and Revision sheets are AMAAZINGG, they help you so much, it's unbelievable. The best way to do it, is doing one revision sheet at the end of each chapter throughout the year. But if you're like me, and your year hasn't been that productive... (wish I could go back), you're gonna have to hurry up and do this revision sheets anyway. Planning your revision is as important as revision because when you do your revision sheets, it clarifies everything and you learn lots from it. So take highlighters, colouring pencils etc... And do revision sheets.

3rd Tip: Tidying your desk and room is so important. You don't want to study on a dirty desk where you almost can't put your pencil case on, because it is untidy. Tidying your desk and putting the important, useful, helpful thing will help you lot more than you think, and you will be able to study in peace, without distractions, but useful thing for revision.

4th Tip: You can study in a café, in a library, at school, in the park... I know that my house isn't the  best place to study because I alwayyssssss have an excuse to stand up and get something which isn't necessary and which distract me.  If you're like me, take your backpack and go study somewhere where there isn't all of this distractions, where you're gonna be able to revise efficiently, 

5th Tip: Classical music, but not your favorite Spotify playlist. If you put your favorite musics on, you're gonna stand up, dance and sing, revision will be left there, on your desk, waiting for you. I find classical music so helpful, and it helps you concentrate.

6th Tip: Make a revision planner. I'm only in year 10 so I just have 2 english exams (and my A-Level French but to be honest, I really don't need to revise, as I'm french), but if you have all your exams at the same time, I would definitely suggest a planner where you can put the things you need to revise each day. 

7th Tip: Take a break after each 30 minutes. It is proven that after a certain amount of time (around 30 minutes), your brains do not focus as much as before. So take a 2min, 5min break after each 30 minutes.

8th Tip: Do practice questions. I can't tell you how important practice questions are. You can find them online, it's really easy, and mark schemes are provided. I have flopped many exams when i, actually, knew the lessons by heart, just because I didn't practice it but revise it.

9th Tip: Take clever snacks and water with you. Blueberries, almonds, dark chocolate, help you concentrate, it is proved! And water is so important for you, it helps you concentrate, being awake, not falling asleep with your books on the face (and when you wake up you have the ink marks on your face). So take some snacks and water with you, to revise, it will definitely help you focus.

10th Tip: Breaaaatttthhhhhhhhhhhh. Do not stress, once they are done, you will be so glad it's finished, and this, is very soon. Many students have flopped exams because of stress. You can do yoga classes (or even put a video on youtube, there's many yoga routine out there). As one of my friend told me, exams are not scary, the teachers are, but the teachers will never see this exams, so it's not that scary!  Stress is so bad for you, and it is the ennemie of good grades, so breath in and out, and you will be fine.

11th Tip: Work for yourself, not for your parents, not to be better than your siblings and friends. You are yourself, you do not work to impress your parents or to do better than someone else, you work for yourself, for your own future and happiness. So stop comparing yourself to someone and stop putting pressure on yourself because someone did amazing at their exams before you. This will increase stress and, i'm sorry to say that, but you're gonna do worst if you put pressure and stress on it than if you go to the exams confidently, without comparing yourself to someone else's results. Imagine if you compared your capabilities with everyone, there is probably someone out there who was a genius and got full marks at all his finals. You don't have to do the same, because you are unique, and yes your results do matter a lot, but if you get 4 A*, 4A, instead of having the 8A* of another person, it still amazing and you should be so proud of yourself. 

Let's go revising now, good luck and see you later!

Doriane xxx
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