How to communicate with god?

lundi 18 mai 2015

Dear Readers, <3

I didn't have time to take outfit's pictures, and I'm sorry to do a big "psychological" post again, and about God again haha. So todayyyyyy I wanted to explain you how to communicate with God and get answers, because someone taught me how to do it and it really is amazing.
So there is different steps....

1st Step: Choose the question you want to ask God. This question has to be relevant... For example do not ask him if you are going to get A* in your GCSEs because, there is no link to the Bible and to what God would tell you, God cannot change the marks on the paper you have written, he cannot learn for you and write answers for you, he can, only, help you memorize things quicker and motivate you to revise. However you might want to ask questions like: "What do you think of me?", "What do you want me to do and act like?" "How can I get closer to you?"

2nd Step: Empty your brains, your thoughts. Try your best to be in a calm place, with no thought on your mind. The best way to do that is to go somewhere where you find your peace and quiet, and just relax as much as you can. Closing your eyes is great too. 

3rd Step: Picture Jesus in your brains/thought, just as you would like and how you imagine him (e.g.: on the cross). This way, you will be entirely focused on Jesus, on God.

4th Step: Ask God to answer your question, ask the Holy Spirit to talk to you.

5th: Journal. Write the answer. This might take 2 minutes, but it might take 30 minutes, it gets better after doing it regularly. The first time is always very hard and strange, and you usually think that you are just making your answers up. 

Sooooooo this might sounds really weird and you're gonna tell me: "I do not hear him answering..." Well this was what I used to think but I understood that you might think that the answer, is you talking to yourself, but it is God answering your question in your thoughts. The way I know that it isn't me making up my own answer to the question, is that I would never have thought of what he tells me. For example, God might tell you that you are beautiful, when inside you, you don't think you are... I hope this makes sense, ask questions in comments if it's too confusing, sorry. 
Communicating with God is really hard the first time you do it, but, trust me, it really gets better with time. 

Sorry if you do not believe in God, I just really wanted to teach some of you this amazing thing because it made my life so much better and it could help you to. Ask any question in the comments if this was weird and confusing... oh and if you're wondering, no I am not crazy, everyone can communicate with God, you just have to know how to do it hahahahaha.

Doriane xx

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