Southbank Outfit

vendredi 6 mars 2015


Excuse me for the long absence, I had some personal problems to deal with etc... And I didn't take the time to come here very often. So as promised, a long time ago, I'm posting the outfit I was wearing on my last post in Southbank with one of my best friends. To be honest, lots of things weren't mine in this outfit: jeans from dad when he was younger, jumper from mum when she was younger, shoes are my dads, however the coat and accessories are mine!!! The coat is from a boutique in Paris, it is labelled "Ice Land" so i don't know if it is an actual brand or not... My jeans, or my dad's, are from Acne, the jumper/t-shirt is from Camaieu (sort of H&M in France), the snood from Accessorize, the bag from Rowallan, and the neckless from Favordeal (an online jewelry store). I think my dad bought his shoes in a sort of "horse riding" show or store, there are horse riding boots. If you want to know what my best friend is wearing, ask me in the comments and I will ask her! 

See you later! 

Coat: Ice Land
Jumper: Camaïeu 
Boots: /
Jeans: Acné
Necklace: Favordeal
Bag: Rowallan

PS: if you want the hair tutorial it's here (in french):

Doriane xxx
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