Southbank with my Bestie!

vendredi 30 janvier 2015

Dear Readers,

Today I just want to show some of my pictures that I took at SouthBank last weekend. To be honest I'm not very proud of this photos but I loved being there with my best friend (one of my best friend...)  , taking photos and being crazy like always! My friend has a photography blog other here: click! if you want to check that out! I'll post our outfits for my next post, on Tuesday because I don't have all the photos yet. 
In my opinion, Southbank is the nicest place in London. There is a sort of beach along the thames and there are so many "secret" places to explore. So if you don't live in London and you come to visit, you should definitely walk along the Thames in SouthBank at some point. Well, I'm leaving you with the photos and I'll see you on Tuesday for more of them, with the outfit. 

Doriane xxx
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