A Sunday in Litlle Venice

mercredi 26 février 2014

Hey everyone!
I'm coming back for a sunday OOTD, very simple but which is perefect for cold days like this one. Some pictures were taken in a place called "Little Venice", the others were taken in Camden Town. I really liked this place, it was the first time I was going there! I love how you can find so many rock and rolls, punk, gothics small boutIque. It's impressive!
I think it's a really important place to visit in London and if you ever come as tourists, make sure to go to this place! I know that I lot of french people think of London as a place with lots of punks and rock... Well if you have the chance to go in Camden Town, this stereotype will become reality.

Je reviens pour ma tenue du dimanche, simple mais parfait pour des journée aussi froide. Les premières photos ont été prises à "Little Venice" à Londres. Les autres photos ont été prises à Camden Town. J'adore cet endroit, c'était la premiere fois que j'y allais. On n'y trouve de tout, des boutiques gothiques, rock'n Roll, punk etc.. Je pense que si vous allez à Londres en tant que touristes, c'est un endroit que vous devez absolument visiter. Je sais que nous, les français, on a une image de londrès très punk, rock'n rol. A Camden Town ce stereotype est confirmé! 

Hat/Chapeau: Accesorize
Coat/Manteau: Ice Land
Boots/Bottes: Jones
Shirt/Chemise: H&M
Skirt/Jupe: H&M

Doriane xx
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